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The purpose of the Jefferson County Economic Development Consortium (JCEDC) is to foster and encourage responsible, economic development activities that result in job creation,  retention, increased tax base and an improved sustainability and  quality of life for the citizens of Jefferson County. Jefferson County, Wisconsin, Dennis Heling, RoxAnne Witte, industrial, economic, development, retention, tax base, sustainability, citizens, community, real estate, home, house, purchase.  Enhancing the quality of life for citizens of Jefferson County with seminars, programs, counseling and aid geared towards purchasing and maintaining homes.  loan, grant, events, seminars, resources, money, economy, consortium. Communities within Jefferson County include: Whitewater, Ixonia, Sullivan, Rome, Concord, Johnson Creek, Watertown, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Lake Mills.  Rock River, entrepreneur, inventor, meeting, network.  Offering solutions for the business community - maintaining a positive business climate and promoting the entrepreneurial spirit.